Order Processing Time

It takes about 5 working days for processing your order before dispatch to your shipping address. And the in china processing procedure includes:

1. Purchasing products from Seller of TaoBao (1 business day), and the starting time depend on when you finish the payment of your order, most of the time we will finish your order purchasing within 24 hours;
2. Item delivery to BuyChina's warehouse (1-4 business day), while during the traditional Chinese festival period the delivery time will be prolong;
3. Quality checking, repackage, weigh (1 business day). For you can receive your parcel as soon as possible, please keep check your items status all the times;

Note: If you add(change) a product to the order, the basic order processing time will change and start from the date of the last items added to the order.

For example: You placed the order on 1st  August, which is the whole order processing time (5 working days) -

If then you added another item to the order on August 4, then the deadline will shift to the entire processing time on August 9 (August 4 + 5 working days).

The processing time will also change according to the time the goods shipping to our warehouse.

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