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Charges on BuyChina

1 USD = 6.25 CNY The exchange rate between USD and CNY is 6.25

1 CNY = 0.16 USD

Item price
The item price is shown on the product page
Item price = The Taobao price(Item cost) + service fee

Service fee
The service fee of BuyChina is the 10% of item cost(item cost x 10%). There is  3% payment fees charged by payment companies (included in product price).

we haven't minimum service fee. It's convenient for you shopping

Total price
Item price + domestic shipping fee (within China) + International shipping

For example, if an item cost 100USD, its service fee will be 10 USD (100USD x 0.10=10USD). You need to pay 100USD + 10USD + shipping fee + payment fees.

About International Shipping Fee
As we are Taobao agent instead of direct supplier, the product weight on BuyChina might be different from the actual weight. We will check the weight for each item when it arrived at our warehouse. If the item weighs more, you might need to pay more for the shipment. Similarly we also will return you the over charge for over-weight shipping charge. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Payment fees for different payment methods
Methods Credit Card Webmoney Western Union Bank Transfer EBANX
Bank service charge 3.5% 2% Free Free 4%
Note: Free means BuyChina will not charge you any bank service fee.

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