You need to wear fashionable and appropriate footwear

By HappyNone

Girls love to buy many shoes and put them in their shoe boxes. I have ever met a girl who wears shoes different everyday in a month. That means that she has 30 pairs of shoes at least. How crazy would girls be when they face a lot of beautiful and cheap shoes? You may feel headache when your girlfriend rush into a shopping mall just because shoes are in discount. Not only girls want to make themselves fashionable and beautiful, but also boys want to be handsome and attractive.Sometimes they don't think about the quality of shoes just the price. After all, they need appearance not expensive cost.

Some women love to wear high heels. High heels give people a feeling of full of power and arrogant. And it can increase your body height. Of course, it is useful for those small girls. I am afraid of high heels. Some of them are too high to wear for me. I can't walk correctly when I wear them. But to be a woman who loves shoes, it is a pity if there are no high heels in my shoe cabinet. I urge to own one pair of gorgeous shoes to fulfill my heart.

Shoes make us look fashionable and elegant especially high heels. But if we wear right shoes, no matter sneakers or slippers, we look beautiful either. We could be enthusiastic about shoes but not become a crazy fan about cheap shoes

In fact, the appearance of the shoe is not the most important. We should take both of appearance and quality as the factors of choosing shoes. Wearing comfortable shoes may give us a wonderful life. Don't let your feet smelling terrible after wearing bad shoes. Come on girls! Be a lady who understands life!

Actually the fashion shoes or quality shoes, there we like to have both. But we usually buy our shoes to match our clothes, but sometimes we make an impulse buy of a pair of high heeled stilettos and then go trudging round the shops to find a slinky dress to go with them. There is the big mistake that we never quite find the dress to go with the shoes! But if you buy a pair of shoes you can wear with jeans or skirts you've got it covered.

Actually, it is best if you have at least two or three pairs of quality shoes. Then, you can still be fashionable even if you wear uniform everyday. You can accent it with a scarf and a shoe that is designed uniquely but you still look plain and clean. This really looks stylish when paired with trousers with a classic cut and straight skirts. You can also wear this with your opaque stocking or bare legs. This can add a sophisticated look when worn in jeans or a denim skirt. Try to wear this in formal outfits; you will get your best look.
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