Yo-Yo Guides: Beginners How to (Part1)

By david

Taobao agent buy China would like to offer a complete guide for yoyo ball lovers to start their game and make improvement. This part is the first part for beginners. The sections discussed here include:

What kinds of yoyos are popular?
What about yo-yoing styles?
Comparison between responsive and unresponsive
What shapes of YoYos?

What kinds of yoyos are popular?
In yo-yoing world, there’s 2 major different shapes for yoyos, imperial and butterfly.
Imperial – Made for style of tricks known as looping. It is not so popular today.
Butterfly – Most modern yoyos have on the butterfly shape. Shapes like V-shape and H shaper are all variations of this type. Butterfly yoyos simplify the complexity of landing your tricks.

What about yo-yoing styles?
1A: One yoyo, string tricks.
2A: Two yoyos, looping tricks.
3A: Two yoyos, string tricks.
4A: One yoyo, string not attached to yoyo.
5A: One yoyo, string attached to a counterweight instead of finger.

Comparison between responsive and unresponsive
Two main classes of modern yoyos are responsive, and unresponsive. Responsive yoyos will return to your hand when you tug the string of a sleeping yoyo. Unresponsive is on the contrary, when you tug the string, it won’t return to your hand but additional bind will help get it back. For startups, responsive is OK and after a person master basic tricks, an unresponsive is his next yoyo.
Actually, modern yoyos can be responsive or unresponsive, depending on putting lube in the bearing. An unresponsive yoyo could be made by Putting as little thin lube as possible into a dry and clean bearing. Thick lube, such as vaseline, or a lot of thin lube, to the bearing will change to a responsive yoyo.

What shapes of YoYos?
There are three basic yoyo shapes, traditional, flared gap, or modified.
Traditional yoyo shape is original yoyo shape, all around shape. It could play most tricks and is good for looping. They are beginners’ favorite.
Basically the two halves of the traditional design reversed, Flared Gap Shape gives a wide, V shaped space that makes it easier to catch the yoyo back on the string for tricks like the Trapeze, or Split the Atom. It is a difficult shape for looping.
The modified is the newest of the three shapes, introduced in the last 10 to 15 years. Allowing for the longest spin, or sleep, time possible, modified yoyo is designed for the benefits of both Flared Gap and Classic shapes. It also has a better performance in doing looping style tricks than a Flared Gap. As it is smaller than a flared gap, it does well in tight Rock the Cradle style tricks.

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