Why Do You Need to Wear Ties?

By david

How many apparel accessories do you have in your wardrobe? Men seldom bought such kind of things to dress them up. But you must know that one of the easiest and the most inexpensive ways to make a change in your appearance is to use accessories. Women have numerous choices, of course. Most men might think they have limited choices. I totally disagree. If you want a stylish accessory, ties would fit. Here, I would give you my five reasons.

1. Ties make you look taller. Ties achieve the same effect as vertical stripes on a shirt, impressing person by a taller height that you really are.

2. Ties are good to pair with blue jeans. Ties are always used to pair with suits. However, you could wear them with casual outfits as well (like jeans and polo shirts.) If you want to impress a girl or just wear something different, you don't have to break your bank. Ties give you an affordable but outstanding choice.

3. You have a lot of choices. While matching outfits, you might feel hard to coordinate colors and patterns. You always take a risk that you might be laughed by others. However, ties don't - you could choose from the plethora of patterns.

4. Ties are good elements to pair with dark outfit.

5. You are elegant and classy. Even if you choose slim ties, you are still looking great and inclining the balance towards casual which makes you seem easy to be with.

So you know the reason why you need ties. Now, how to choose a tie?

1. Decide what kind of ties you want, a suit tie or a casual one? Usually made of silk, suit ties are usually priced higher. Casual ties might be made of synthetics, thus they are much cheaper.

2. Don't be tired of trying on a dozen of them. You need to see how each color goes with the outfit you wear. If you don't know how to match, you could get the knowledge from online guides and learn which colors are good together and how to let them match with your skin complexion.

3. Get the one that suits you perfectly, as you might want to wear that tie more frequently than others.

4. Don't spend money if you don't like the tie and ignore the beautiful words from the talkative shopping assistant. Paying money on something you don't like is a total waste.

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