What’s The Latest Footwear for 2014 Spring

By laura2012

Spring is here again! If your poor feet have been suffering all winter long, check out some of the latest spring show trends. This fun and comfortable footwear will immediately wipe away the winter blues. There is probably a magical beautiful emotional bond between women and those lovely shoes. Hence, Shoes shopping is an ecstatic experience for any woman.

Spring maybe is probably the most difficult time when it comes to choosing appropriate footwear; it needs to be comfortable and practical as well as look great and is able to withstand lots of different weather from those sunny Spring days to the dreaded April showers.New trends and styles come into view with the changing season and spanking new craze influentially fills the streets. Nevertheless; the vibrant colors and patterns of spring present for sale make it a perfect footwear for spring.

All the lovely women are now busy browsing to shop for perfect shoes for spring and summer, those that are a combination of style and comfort. A sensible practical woman, who needs to stand a lot due to her hectic schedules while at work or a woman on the move who needs to walk a lot all day, would not prefer high heel shoes. That would be very impractical

It is very true that Women want to look pretty in stylish shoes but not towering over everyone in ungainly high heel shoes. Moreover, for seasons of lovely spring and summer the choice would be such footwear that allow feet to breath and are easy on feet. There would be no cramped toes or tight stiff high heel shoes, which make it a painful than a stylish experience.

Flat shoes for women are the precise choice for that Comfort and fashion combo look this spring or summer or any season to that matter. There is a marvelous variety of flat shoes made in irresistible designs like the simple casual Flats, loafers, slip-ons, ballet shoes, ballerinas and stylish ankle strapped flats to suit your every casual or working ensemble.

Every woman has lot of blacks and browns or creams. It is hence Time to splurge in bright colors. Be bold in your choice out of the vivid colors. It would be too monotonous and boring if it were matching all the way from head to toe in the same color. So Choose brilliant colors and make a bold fashion statement with striking colors. It can match in perfection even when you chose contrast colors and will not clash if you wear them right and carry them off with confidence and style.

The comfort with style is the wonderful element about flats that always remain a hot favorite with woman. The comfort of just simple but elegant slip-ons is such a relief compared to the hassles of trying complicated straps or flashy cheesy buckles to be clipped. If one wants a little more glam look then the ankle strap flats are always available to add that special oomph quotient. They add that extra elegance to those skirts or evening dresses.

Footwear tips for Spring:

1.If it's still a little bit too chilly to go bare legged then pop on a pair of tights or leggings with your dresses and skirts for a warmer feel.

2.A pair of knitted knee high socks are a funky alternative to tights and leggings and work really with the hippy chic look that's so hot right now.

3.Don't forget those April showers, closed shoes will work best, you don't want to be caught out in sandals or open toed shoes.

4.Try not to divide your shoes into different seasons; of course some boots will only work for colder seasons, but lots of shoes will work all year round.

5.Everyone needs a few pairs of flat ballerina pumps, they're so easy to wear and you can even slip a pair into your handbag just in case.

Just remember that spring shoesspring shoes styles are all about comfort and fun. All of the trendiest shoes allow you to show off your flirty side without sacrificing the ability to move freely in the warmer weather. Find the style that is right for you and look fabulous this season.
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