Top 9 Tips on Vintage Shopping

By david

Love shop in vintage shops? Vintage shops are places where you could find unique pieces and timeless fashion classics. However, it takes time to shop the best, a hard task for many fashion lovers. Here are top 10 tips on getting the best out of thrift stores and vintage shops. 

1. Don't shop on a Saturday and Sunday 
If possible, shop in one day from Monday to Friday, as most traders would like to get all their goodies over the weekend at car boot sales. If you are one of office workers who have to work from Monday to Friday, you could try get up early and have a good sleep after finish shopping. 

2. Pay attention to Vintage Fairs 
Most vintage fairs operate on a cost per bag basis. £10-£20 sometimes is enough to get a bag of slightly faulty or out-of-season clothes. 

3. Seeking for classic pieces 
Classic designs are never out of time. Inspect garments and look at the crafting. Check the quality through material. Maybe you could find an amazing apparel hidden in the rails. 

4. Spend time on research 
Check out vintage clothes on big online marketplaces, like ebay, amazon, taobao agent buychina, etc. Knowledge is power and diligence is the source. Sometimes, you could find popular clothes at the moment at great prices. 

5. Swap Your Clothes 

Don't think it ridiculous. What Mine Is Yours and the London Frock Exchange (and more) are popular online marketplace for those who want to change clothes. If you have clothes which you hardly wear, why not change to some which are more likely to wear more frequently. 

6. Know what value to buy and stock 
Fashion items like hats, handbags, scarves and other goodies are not rationed. Others, for example, fur coats and leather have strong wear and tear resistance and relatively comfortable are fashion pet these years. Each era has fever for a particular item like Camisoles made a hit from the 20s, and silk or denim jumpsuits from the 70s. 

7. Read clothes label carefully 
Almost every new clothes are made with washing tags, but vintage clothes are different. If you couldn't find, Google or get a proper advice from a good dry cleaner that experience in vintage clothes cleaning as older clothes can be extremely delicate. As for storage, use padded hangers instead of wire. If it is really special, be cautious about light affection by storing in airtight zip-lock bags. 

8. Get crafty 
Be crafty about what you have got. You could make great cushions from old and seldom-used stuff like curtains or old clothes. Get a funky patchwork feel by combination of florals, delicate embroidered linens and deckchair stripes and show your personality with some history features. 

9. Know Your Measurements 
Each one has own size, even each era has its measurement rules. Vintage sizing are varied by decade, country of origin, production and even individual pieces. Sizes like 10s, 12s and 14s started to appear from 1960s. Try it on and if you are shopping on line, ask the service about the measurement and your height and weight to see if it is fit. It's also worth knowing a good alterations place or return policy – it might cost you more for exchange but you get a piece which is useful.

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