To choose summer shoes for men

By laura2012

Men seem to think there are only a few types of shoes; Designer loafers, designer sandals, designer plimsolls, designer brogues and designer trainers are some of the different styles of designer footwear.How wrong they are. There are plenty of men's shoe styles to wear and each of these designer shoes come up in varying colors, shapes and sizes. and they can either make or break an outfit. We will help you understand the different styles of men's shoes and sandals, and decide when to wear them.

Men Sandals

Sometimes with all the options out there, we neglect the basics. Every guy needs a pair of sandals at the ready for that last minute weekend getaway to the coast. Sandals are still the perfect wear for very casual events.Sandals are an obvious style for summer, but they come in so many shapes and styles that it's easy to get this look wrong. It probably goes without saying but never wear socks with sandals. When it comes to sports sandals they should be reserved for very casual wear and around the house.

Sports trainers
If you're going to be spending time in the great outdoors this summer then it could well be worth investing in a good pair of sports trainers; particularly if you're likely to be running or cycling. Choose a pair that fit well and offer good support for your whole foot and that feel comfortable. Picking a neutral colour will allow you to wear them with a wide range of outfits.

A Buck Shoe

Often made from soft brushed suede – or if you search hard enough, buckskin – this shoe really is the perfect spring addition. They come in a standard Derby lace up style but due to their material can be dressed down with chinos and are the perfect partner for those of you who like to go for the preppy shorts and blazers look. The brilliant thing about this style of shoe is that they will look better and better the more worn in and beat up they get (much like your desert boots). For whatever reason suede currently has a reputation as a precious fabric that must never get dirty, when in fact it really is quite a durable material. Let yourself go and let your suede live a little!

A Suede Loafer

Now if last summer taught us anything, it was that suede was back in a big way. Spring/summer 2012 will see the industry build further on this influx of premium material footwear, with an even larger variety of colors and styles coming to the market. This year, why not get a bit more adventurous and pick a loafer; my personal favorite will be a tassel loafer (another key style to watch for the coming season) in a rich chocolate brown that will go perfectly with a pair of dark jeans or white chinos.

Deck Shoes

Deck shoes are a comfortable style that's perfect for smart/casual summer wear. Deck shoes are the perfect choice for a smart shoe that's also that little bit more relaxed for summer. Deck shoes feature a non-slip sole and lacing detail to the back of the shoe. This style works best with smart trousers and a short sleeve shirt or polo shirt.You'll find deck shoes in a range of colours and styles from very smart black pairs to styles with a white sole and even blue and red designs. Deck shoes are a great way to have fun with your summer footwear.

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