Tips to Keep in Mind While Buying Designer Jewelry

By HappyNone

Designer jewelry excites everyone, isn't it? It has a certain charm to it because it is exclusive, elegant and chic. However, people have qualms while buying designer jewelry – they get lost in the process and end up making a wrong judgment.

Trust the designer: Your designer is trained and up-to-date with the trends. Additionally, he can tell what will suit you and what to avoid. So you should rely on his aesthetic sense and take his opinions into account. Give the designer the freedom to use his own aesthetic sensibilities to create a traditional or contemporary look. Let the designer’s creativity flow freely while he decides your look from the classic to traditional to fusion or contemporary to avant grade.

Quality clarification: The best way to know if your metal and gemstones are genuine is certification. It is always important to ask for certificates of authenticity and never assume that it is real, based on its appearance. A smart buyer is the one who doesn’t take anything at face value. Important things to be kept in mind while buying designer jewelry is the kind of design, harmony of materials, design elements, colors and textures.

Make it the focal point: The jewelry piece should be the focal point of your look. The more contemporary interpretation is to pick out the central piece and highlight it doing away with the clutter of further additional charms. The clothes should complement it, yet not take away from its glory. In case you are planning to wear a heavy outfit, lighter and delicate jewelry will go well with it. On the other hand, if it is simple and modest attire, find an exuberant and rich piece.

Face Profile: Someone with a small neck should avoid chokers and try necklaces which are around the neck (necklaces that start below the neck). Chokers for slender and long necks look elegant. Round-the-neck necklaces suit most of the profiles. A single bold pendant strung long in beads is a good choice for very heavy necks. People with longer faces need rounded earrings to add volume to the face. Those with a round face need to avoid round studs and stick to thin to broad pieces.

Comfort level: Sometimes it is fun to think beyond your set style and break the barriers, but going overboard might ruin your look. It should be in your comfort zone so that you can carry it well and enjoy wearing the piece to the fullest.

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