Tips to buy children's toys

By david

(One) Check the logo on the toy packaging
1.Optional label safety standard GB6675-2003 and the make, address, age range toys of the content.
2.Purchase and use of the toy, be sure to carefully read the warnings on toys to avoid misuse of the dangers of toys. Such as "non-life-saving supplies can only be used in shallow water," not suitable for children under 3 years of age ".
3.Complex toys, such as children's bicycles, walkers, etc., should be detailed use and precautions. Assembling toys, assembling toys should be assembled program in Fig.
4.Toys, roller skates and skateboards should be a warning note to remind use are required to wear a protective device.

(Two) Stuffed toys
1.To identify the time of purchase, the first finger Lara doll eyes, nose and other small accessories, see if it is easy to fall off, and then check the firmness and part of the fill port side sewn, stitch length is too large, filled with cotton exposed and so on.
2.Plush children toy filler should be marked on the ingredients, and the clean and pollution-free, hand, metal needle class must not touch the tip of lumps.

(Three) Check the appearance of the toy
1, Note that View Toy whether sharp edges or corners, is it easy to cut (stab) wound children's skin.
2, Electric or clockwork and gear toys, pay attention to whether the slot to pinch your fingers while injuries;
3, Toys conveyor should be cover closed, so that the children can not be touched, so as not to crush the fingers.
4, Coating toys with bright colors, they use paint may contain an excessive amount of heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, buy these toys, attention is not easy to find Diaoqi finish off toys must immediately clean up and wash your hands before eating.
5, Riding toys, such as a bicycle, the best test ride, test ride, to determine the center of gravity of a solid.

(Four) Special Note
1.Of children under three years of age, can not be used toys containing small accessories (such as pellets of building blocks, small balls, marbles, a combination of Superman parts, etc.), avoid eating cause choking hazard.
2.The chemical test toys usually specify their ingredients and careless eating, the use of detoxification method.
3.Sewing machines, toys can only be used to nail the cloth, not the fingers on the tip, while the parents in beside guardianship.
4.Riding toys only for playing in the spacious courtyard, do not get on the main road, stairways, swimming pool, landslides and other dangerous places.
5.The sound toys excessive noise may cause child hearing damage the toy rope is too long may cause the risk of winding strangled.

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