Tips on Shopping Taobao Flashlight

By david

For those who like outdoor sports, buying a high-quality outdoor flashlight is very necessary. Now let's work together to get how to choose a high-quality outdoor flashlight.

Methods / steps
1. Walking.
While walking we does not require high brightness.For we need to walk a long time, we can try to choose a light weight and longer lighting time flashlight. In normal circumstances, the flashlight need to take into account the moderate condenser and floodlight. Leader still need some high brightness flashlight, and have a certain range, more convenient to explore the terrain.

2. Camping.
Floodlight of flashlight have to be better, but with a low demand on the brightness of the flashlight. But longer lighting time, but need to select the best continuous illumination over night, this flashlight has advantages in terms of convenience and use of cost. Now New designed developed flashlight can be installed in front of the lamp, used as a camping lantern, performance is also very good.

3. Night Riding.
For at high speed while riding so it needs a good brightness and longer lighting time, the best continuous illumination time is four hours or more. Floodlight is very important for night riding, however, the condenser part is not in demand . The night rider power is less sensitive to the weight, so as to meet the performance requirements, it may be appropriate to select a larger flashlight, whether it is benefit to the take or holding, and be able to be securely installed on the bike.

Special note: we need to be sure that selecting a flashlight that is not easy to jump rank. flashlight rank jump will bring serious unpredictable consequences.

4. Hunting.
Brightness must be very strong and lighting distance must be far enough, the life time can be relatively short, the best flashlight can have a anti-shock features, so as not to damage by impact from hunting fire. Such flashlight floodlight does not have to be too wide, moderate condenser is enough. We suggest to choose a yellow flashlight which will be better lighting in hunting.

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