Tips on getting a good automotive maintenance

By david

It is really convenient to drive a car, but car is similar to person need to have a rest and maintenance. now we are talking about car maintenance experience.

Methods / steps

1.Timely cleaning car.
Usually when car driving or parking on the road, it is easily stained with dust particles, bird droppings, etc., especially after the rain, the acidic substances will corrode the surface paint of the car so that cause the car is no longer bright, or even fade. So that, we must clean car timely.

2.Timely inspection and add automotive gasoline and oil.
The normal operation of automotive engines and other components are all need oil lubrication, cleaning. Therefore, we should promptly check the dipstick to see if the oil is normal. Generally speaking, the new car need to replace oil after every 5,000 km running, even to replace the oil filter if it is dirty.

3.Regularly check whether the antifreeze, brake oil is sufficient.
Antifreeze can guarantee the normal vehicle driving in the winter or cold condition. Brake Fluid is an integral part of the brake system. These are adequate that can allow normal operation of the vehicle.

4.Wheel alignment periodically.
Car ran far, sometimes it will appare deviation phenomenon, and easily cause hazards. Therefore will we need to fpromptly locate the wheel of the vehicle to solve the deviation problem. Regular wheel alignment is also very good for car even if there are no deviation phenomenon.

5.Always check tire pressure.
Normal tire pressure can ensure the vehicle firmly driving on the road. High tire pressure will increases puncture hazard and will reduce comfort; Low tire pressure will increase fuel consumption, and tire wear efforts. So we should always check the tire pressure, and it is better to store a tire manometer in the car. If the tire patterns are bald, must be replaced timely.

6.Periodically check the line.
Normal operation of the car is based on the line system, including a variety of lights lines, the car operation lines. periodically check them whether in aging or poor contact, and promptly repair it to eliminate hazards.

7.Regular check the wear situation of the brake pads and clutch plates. While car driving on the road, the brake pads and clutch plates have been wearing, and after a period, it need to be replaced, otherwise there is a big security risk. Therefore, in accordance to the instructions on the vehicle specification, we should check the wear situation of brake pads and clutch plates after driving some kms.

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