The Tips to lengthen Cell Phone Battery Life

By david

The maintenance of cell phone battery directly impact the life of cell phone battery, I will teach you some tips on the maintenance of the cell phone battery as following words:

1.Before into market, manufacturers have carried out active treatment on batteries, and the pre-charge them, so batteries always have some electricity when be in first use.
If you buy a new cell phone battery is lithium-ion, then the first 3 to 5 times charge commonly referred to as a period of adjustment, shall be charged more than 14 hours to fully activate the lithium-ion activity. Lithium-ion batteries have no memory effect, but there is a strong inert, so should be fully activated in order to guarantee the best performance.

2.Some automated intelligent rapid charger is only 90% full when the lights turn green. The charger will automatically change with the slow charging untill the battery is full. we should let it in fully charged, otherwise it will shorten the time to use.
Before charging, lithium batteries do not need special discharge, improper discharge will cause battery damaged. To reduce the fast charge mode but charge time should not exceed 24 hours. after three to five times full charge and discharge cycles, charger's internal chemicals will be activated to achieve the best performance.

3.Please use the original or a good brand charger, lithium batteries should be used in lithium battery charger, and follow the instructions, otherwise it will be damage the battery or causes some danger.

4.Many users often turn on cell phone while it is in charge, In fact, this will be very easy to damage the mobile, because in the process of charging cell phone, circuit boards will be fever, if there is incoming calls, may cause an instant return current that will damage the phone's internal parts.

5.The battery life is determined by the repeated charge and discharge times, it should try to avoid charging when the battery has some power, this will shorten the battery life. when cell Phone is off for more than 7 days, battery should be completely discharged before charge, a fully charged before use.

6.Smart phone battery will self-discharge when not in use. nickel-metal hydride batteries will discharge about 1% of the remaining power capacity when not in use, lithium batteries about 0.2% to 0.3%. So that when charge the battery, we should try to use a dedicated outlet, do not share outlet with household electrical appliances, such as TV.

7.Do not expose the battery in heat or cold condition. it should not put the phone near the fire or directly in the hot sun. In air-conditioned rooms, do not put it directly under the cold air-condition. When charging, the battery a little hot is normal, but you can not let it in high temperature for long time. Do not cover anything on the phone when it is charging.

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