The Sportswear and Casual wear style for Business Elite

By HappyNone

Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening. , as an essential part of trend in the history of classical elements, sport style apparel out swing modern identity of the last century, after sweeping the big show around the world, gradually to the world of the catwalk. We will show you how to integrate the sports elements in the workplace, let business elite in the awaken of spring growing season wear a vitality, upgrade the traditional tools of boring into a silent career games.

It is not just simple "move closer to the athletes" for popular sports style in this season, The formal comblines with casual wearing became men’s idealized style,one of hottest items this season is Sneakers, leather, wool, or more material combination, designed to produce different levels, delicate and elegant, a pure color suit can easily resolve Sneakers leisure impression, instantly improve temperament, is easy to learn collocation

Sports jacket

The sporty Blazer, added some hair on the fabric ingredients to make it more soft and comfortable, special quality of a material can better show the body curve, both funny and not as fractious as traditional suit, of course in this coat, as far as possible instead of the traditional conservative monochrome shirt, with dark printed shirt perfect collocation, but remember don't be too make public, floral design is most appropriate. Dark slacks of cultivate one's morality is the key to increase business sense, but also extends the lower body better.

You will find the Hollywood actor in action, many will be wearing a blazer staged a drama of life and death. It into the office, however, it’s not a problrm too, as long as the shirts and ties of the collocation of this kind of the most basic way and the combination of a pure color pants, you can solve problem.

Throughout the spring/summer 2013 fashion shows, sports jacket is bound to affect the popular trend of this season. And emphasize the feel the difference is that these more designers seems to want to tell love fashion elite men, life can be easy, don't have the nerve stretched too tight, in a more dynamic image to meet every day.
Striped pants

Seems to be the most popular casual trousers, using two different colors of straight line can make you look, dynamic, but it’s still not enough. Just Want to take some new idea to our work wear, it can break the traditional with hot color coat in this season collocate with Polo unlined upper garment, be clear at a glance of the American college of the wind, so easy a once in a while, nothing is impossible, it can also make your look brand-new immediately, kill two birds with one stone, why not?

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