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The sun may be the ultimate source of energy, but its difficult to deny the fact that its rays are harmful too. In fact, 1/3 of all skin cancers appear first on face as a result of inadequate protection against harmful UVA rays and UVB rays emitted by sun. There are many sunscreen available in the market today, that may provide protection against sun burn up to an extent. But if you find sunscreen is providing your face and neck little protection from the sun, then some good accessories are great choice for you.

Sun Hat

Hats are pretty as well as practical. When you wear a hat you automatically protect your face from the irreversible damages caused by too much sunlight. When you find the perfect sun hat, you have done your face a favor. Never mind that it goes perfectly with your favorite short shorts, mesh skirt, beach bag, or bikini - those are all just the bonus. The true advantage to having a hat to wear in the sun is the advantage it provides for your skin. Hats are hot for both boys and girls this summer. With a wide variety of styles to choose from it is important to make sure that your children have this show stopping piece of summer fashion ready for any event. Hats are one of the hot summer fashion trends for toddlers. From straw sun hats to the basic baseball cap, hats in all shapes and sizes are making a big splash at the playgrounds this summer. They look cool and give any outfit a finished look. Besides being a piece of fashion, a summer hat can help to keep your toddler cool on even the hottest days.

In summer, sunglasses can be seen on many occasions, especially when we go shopping. Basically, the main components of sunglasses are the frame and the two lenses. Lenses decide what functions the sunglasses have. And fashion depends more on the style and materials of the frame. The most frequently used material in sunglasses' frame is plastic or acetate. The plasticity of the acetate has made the wide application of the plastic in making sunglasses' frames possible.In the hot summer, we should at least have one pair of plastic sunglasses or we may choose one pair of plastic sunglasses that we like the best. On one hand, sunglasses are indispensably items in fighting the strong sunshine. On the other hand, sunglasses are more of an ornament to us in today's society.


Sunscreens are an integral part of your skin care regimen. No matter what season it is or what skin type you have... a sunscreen is imperative. Sunscreens protect your skin against the harmful UV radiations of the sun and prevent sunburns, sun spots and premature aging of the skin. Using sunscreen is not only an economical way to prevent suntan, but it can also reduce the likelihood of skin cancer to a great extent. The skin may react in several ways when inflicted by sun's ultraviolet light rays. Sunscreens are indeed healthy for your skin, but these should be used in moderation due to the possible threat of chemicals.Sunscreen lotions lose their potency with time so avoid using bits of cream you have left from past seasons. Invest in a new bottle, or even better two: one for the kids and one for adults. The formulas have been developed to suit different skin and age groups. Choose at least SPF 20 in most countries, and SPF 30 and higher in countries with harsh sunshine like Australia, South Africa and Turkey.


There are a number of ways to protect your skin from the sun, but few are as fashionable as parasols. A tradition that goes back hundreds of years, parasols come in many shapes, sizes and forms. They are fashionable, durable and perfect for those sunny, summer days when a hat just will not do. A parasol differs from a traditional umbrella in that it's not designed to handle the rain, merely deflect the rays of the sun. However, a parasol manufacturer creates a product that will last with proper care and comes in a variety of different styles, sizes, structures and colors from those you can hold in your hand to large sunshades designed for patios and decks.

In addition,Clothing can be used to protect you and your family from heat and sun stroke. The general rule is to wear light-coloured clothing that's loose-fitting. Cotton is a good fabric to choose, while synthetics aren't always the best as these can cause you to sweat profusely. Some modern fabrics have been designed specifically to combat perspiration so these are a good choice. No matter your age or fashion preferences, wearing a wide-brimmed hat is a must when you're out and about in direct sunlight. Many fashion outlets have embraced this as a trend so there really are fashionable options out there.

Are you ready for this summer

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