The Common Errors When Choose Underwear

By HappyNone

Selecting undergarments can be a tedious task for sure , especially for women. Women underwear is arguably one of the most intimate "closelfriends", this from puberty begins with female close-fitting clothing can not only to protect our body, at the same time also can let us show a woman beautiful curve.

Choose a suitable underwear will bring you a burst of charming , but on the contrary, if you wear the wrong one, not only the beauty greatly reduced, may also make your figure out of shape. If you have the following error while you choose your "close friend ", quickly corrected. Do you choose the right size?

To choose the suitable undergarments , the size is very important. In addition to the body's natural feeling to comfort, there are several details that you wear bra problems, first to test whether you have such problems: 1. Prominent on the breasts from the cup, It shows the cup is too small or too pointy of shapes. 2. The underarm has prominent part -- show around the bra is too small, or is too narrow of the side. 3. Lift on your two arms, the bra was moving -- show bra around too much. 4. Embedded in the shoulder straps, means it is too short and should be adjusted.

Errors 1: Just change the cups . 34B lady needs a bigger bra and bought a pair of 36B type of bra; Large breasts lady was bought a pair of 42D bra since she couldn't find H type cup bra for meet her needs. You Need a large cup type, but chose a larger bra around since many women don't realize that when the breast cup with bigger when get fat. The around of the bra was too big, so it may be couldn't give you enough support, it may the reason of sagging breasts

Errors 2: A pair of bra to wear for two years People Willing to pay much money to buy a pair of " La Brassiere ", but even it is a good bra, should also be updated according to body size changes. Generally speaking, a bra should not be more than two years of life. In addition, when cleaning ,it should be avoild washing by washing machine, to ensure that the bra is not out of shape. When dry, also should be the water drain, lest cause the shoulder belt is too long.

Errors 3: You don't have to wear bra since your breast are too small Whether you're a Princess of the Peace Cup, and is proud of the D - cup tits, breasts are a fat as the main organ composition. Any movement will cause fibrillation means the suspensory ligament every few seconds we have to bear the weight of the breasts. As a result, the bra is every woman's wardrobe essential. Breast augmentation during pregnancy should pay attention to shape change, update your bras.

Errors 4: Wearing bra while sleeping. When sleeping physical activity decreases, blood circulation slow, so in principle, it is best not to have binding body. But for larger female chest (such as C cup and above), don't wear the chest may be unable to sleep.This is because in sleep, the chest to the weight of the armpit, so this kind of form of a woman, wear no wire, texture is soft and breathable in sleeping time full cup or vest type chest.

Tips: The correct BRA wearing methods. Choose suitable bra sets , and then to learn the correct tees. If tees error, even if you bought adjustable bra , also in vain. First to adjust the length of the belt to appropriate, tightness with a finger can be inserted into the inside of the sliding aglet is advisable. Then the body lean forward 60 degrees, let breast into the cups, and successfully buckled back button again.Moving the cup,the right hand from under the left breast and left chest rib, the side of the back and chest muscles clinging to the skin to the chest inclined push up, pushing at the bottom of the side branch into the chest of dewlap completely into the cup, then the same approach with his left hand to help right chest adjustment; Finally cross check the back of the belt and your chest cup is in the bottom into a level, twisting the body again, see if activities freely.
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