Six tips for drinking tea

By david

First, different tea in diffrent season
Drink scented tea in Spring, green tea summer and oolong tea autumn, black tea winter. The reason is: spring, traditionalists drink scented tea, can send out a winter accumulation in the body of cold evil, full-bodied fragrance heavy, can promote human body sun be the spirit. Summer, is better to drink green tea. Green tea taste experience, you can clear heat, heat, detoxification, thirst, strong heart. The autumn, drinking oolong tea as well. This tea is not cold not hot, can eliminate waste heat in the body, restore body fluid. In winter, drink black tea is the most ideal. Black tea flavour gan wen, contains rich protein, and can promote digestion, fill body, make human body strong.

Second, pay attention to the amount
Tea daily 2 ~ 6 g. Although contains a variety of vitamins and amino acids in tea, tea for clean-up solutions greasy, enhance nerve excitement and disappear of diuresis has certain effect, but not to drink, the better, not everyone is suitable for drinking tea. In general, 1-2 times a day, each time 2-3 grams of drink that is more appropriate, for suffering from neurasthenia, insomnia, graves' disease, tuberculosis, heart disease, stomach disease, ulcerative colitis patients are not suitable for drinking tea, lactating and pregnant women and infants and young children should not drink tea, too.

Third, don't drink strong tea before bed
Strong tea can make human body "excited" excessive, adverse effects on the cardiovascular system, nervous system, etc. People with cardiovascular disease may occur after drinking strong tea, tachycardia, arrhythmia, even cause disease over and over again.That are more important for the early tea. After a lot of people drinking tea before sleeping, make it difficult to fall asleep, and even seriously affect the state of mind. People with neurasthenia and insomnia, especially should pay attention to.

Fourth, not a lot of drinking tea with meals
Before a meal or eating in a small amount of tea drinking is fine, but if a large number of drinking tea or drink too strong tea, will affect a lot of constant elements (such as calcium, etc.) and trace elements (such as iron, zinc, etc.) absorption. Should pay special attention to, when drinking milk or other dairy products do not drink tea at the same time. Theophylline and tannins in tea will be combined with calcium in dairy products into insoluble calcium salt in water, side by side in vitro, greatly reduced the nutritional value of dairy products.

Fifth, unfavorable drink tea after drinking
After drinking the wine ethanol through the gastrointestinal tract into the blood, in the liver conerted to acetaldehyde, acetaldehyde is converted into acetic acid, acetic acid to decompose into carbon dioxide and water. Drink tea, tea of theophylline can rapidly on kidney diuresis effect, thereby promoting has not yet been decomposition of acetaldehyde prematurely into the kidney. Acetaldehyde has bigger stimulative effect to the kidney, so will affect kidney function, often drink strong tea drunk people prone to kidney disease. Not only that, the ethanol in wine for cardiovascular very harsh, and tea have the function of the excited heart the same, the one that is further enhanced in the stimulation of the heart, so heart disease patients after drinking a cup of tea even more devastating.

Sixth, tea is not as fresh as possible
Nutrition perspective the fresh tea leaves its nutrient composition is not necessarily the best, because the so-called agency refers to the tea plucking down less than a month, the tea because no place over a period of time, some have bad effects on the body of the material, such as polyphenols, alcohols, aldehydes, has not been completely oxidation, if long time to drink fresh tea, likely uncomfortable reactions such as diarrhea and abdominal distension. Very fresh tea worse for patients, as some people with acid deficiency, or elderly patients with chronic gastric ulcer, these people are less suited to drink fresh tea. New tea stimulate their gastric mucosa, gastrointestinal discomfort, even can aggravate the condition.

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