Silk stockings for washing and maintenance

By david

Washing tips of silk stockings

1, Before you wear the stockings, you would better put it in a bowl waer which was added a litter vinegar or sugar. Then the fibers can become more resilient.
2, Use mild soapy water to soak silk stockings for a while before you wash it, and use a mild neutral soap or shampoo in warm water, pat hand scrub (water temperature not exceeding 30 degrees), with a towel when drying excessive moisture absorption out. It is very sensitive to the sun, as long as the sun is the sun directly into the fiber elastic fatigue is significantly impaired, then sandwiched it with dry socks, hang it on smooth sun drying rack, make it not easy to hook wire.
3,If you use machine wash, you should put the stockings into the laundry net and then thrown into the washing machine.

Maintenance tips of silk stockings

1, No longer sticky skirt stockings: When stockings and skirt produce static electricity, you would better wear some oli cream on your stockings, then skirts will not stick on the stockings.
2, After buy a new stockings: you can put it in the freezer for a couple of days and then take out. You will find the toughness of the stockings has increased.
3, Use colorless nail polish to mend the hole on the stockings. It is a pity that if you lost the stocking when you break a small hole on the stockings. Now, you can use colorless nail polish to mend the hole. You would better direct point in broken stockings, but beware of distraction stockings, stockings avoid sticking, also allow stockings regeneration, it will not cause waste.

In a word, perfect stockings will make you not only feel good soft, allows you to fully enjoy the tender loving care, but also let your legs and toes in gauzy stockings looming, showing infinite charm hazy beauty. Charming color and weave make your legs more attractive, adding sexy glory to your legs.

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