Personal solar power system is hot in Taobao

By david

Recently, National Grid published the policy that encourage individuals to invest in photovoltaic power generation, so some person began to think of it. From 25 February to 3 March, Taobao has sold a total of 2,835 solar-powered system, the sellers from Shandong who are always in low sale are "outstanding" this time, ranked fourth with a turnover of 170.

Sellers from Shandong has sold 170 sets in a week.
The reporter enter the "solar" in Taobao and find that there are the commodity in results up to 25,511, including solar panels, solar power system, solar batteries, solar controller. A Taobao shopkeeper told reporters that since March 1, a lot of buyers came to ask solar commodities. hot sale is focused on solar power street lighting system, from 5 watts to 20 watts, also are cheap and simple to install."

Taobao data shows, From 25 February to 3 March, Taobao sold a total of 2,835 solar-powered systems, these products mainly include solar panels, solar generator set, solar power generation system. From the geographical point of view, Shandong's performance is very outstanding, ranked fourth as 170 sets in trading volume, and also been the largest one of sales-number in northern provinces. the first three regions in Purchase Number are Hainan, Guangdong and Yunnan, which located in the south of China, the bright sunshine duration and intensity are larger than others and the solar energy utilization rate is particularly high.

Small-scale solar power generation system is more popular
Recently, the State Grid published a report on doing better on distributed power grid service work: Since March 1, self-built solar power, wind power and other clean energy from ordinary users, State Grid will acquisite all according to state regulations. This means that the solar or wind power from the roof of your house can in addition to used in its your own power supply, also be sold to the state to earn revenue.

In fact, the precedents appared in other countries ealier that residents can use this power in own while also "reverse" sold to the state. The United States has launched a "Million Roofs Solar Plan, many residents take advantage of the excess solar power for himself a substantial sell electricity revenue. However, according to the survey analysis, in the present case, the family want to gain profitability is not easy if installate a large photovoltaic power generation system. The Qingdao citizens, Xu Pengfei, as the first person who use photovoltaic power generation, his total annual generating capacity of 2,600 kwh to 0.4469 yuan per kilowatt-hour, a gain is about 1206.6 yuan per year. In the present case, the pre-investment of more than 20,000 yuan will takes about 18 years to recover.

Which also is reflected from Taobao, where the hot selling solar power generation systems is mainly from 5 watts to 20 watt which is small solar power system, kilowatts of large-scale solar power generation system is very cold in sale-performance.

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