Microsoft Surface vs iPad 4 vs Google Nexus 10 and 7 – You Might Want To Pay Attention

By david

Whenever we buy a new gadget we always look at the design and the internal hardware that makes it tick, but we’re also considering the operating system it runs on as well. Android devices are now taking advantage of Jelly Bean (well, some of them are), iOS 6 has been launched recently and the latest Microsoft powered devices run on Windows RT or Phone 8.

But, there’s one more thing to consider when buying a new gadget, and that’s future updates. Google devices that are not carrier-bound have been held in high regards for the fact that they receive newer Android versions in a timely manner, but the sad truth is that, at a certain point in time, support for older devices will eventually be discontinued.

Microsoft Surface vs iPad 4 vs Google Nexus and 7 – Software Updates

In case you’re planning on buying a new tablet and you’re interested in getting one that will benefit from future updates for a prolonged period of time, then you might be surprised to find out that Microsoft is planning to overtake the competition regarding the matter.

To be more precise, Microsoft has recently revealed that its Surface RT tablet is going to be supported until April 11 2017. That’s more than four years of new firmware updates, and that’s definitely a lot more than what Apple and Google are offering.

Think about it this way. The Motorola Xoom which is pretty much a Google tablet in disguise, and the Google Nexus S have not been confirmed for an Android 4.2 update, which takes the lifespan of the devices up to about two years. Furthermore, the first Apple iPad has been launched back in April 2010 and it will not be updated to the new iOS 6 platform either.

That’s roughly two, two and a half years of support from Google and Apple’s part before the companies decide that it’s time to move on.

Microsoft on the other hand seems to have other plans, and with software updates being pushed out for a period of time of four and a half years, they’re definitely taking the cake. But, at this point we’re not sure if “support” means improvements and fixes for the same Windows version or if they’ll throw in newer OS iterations as well. Either way, it’s still good news and hopefully Microsoft will be able to deliver.

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