Men Style Top 10 Don’ts

By david

There was a time when men didn't have many choices over their apparels, shoes, accessories, perfume and so on. Today is totally different – guys have the luxury of choosing all kinds of menwear styles, fabrics and fits. Maybe there are too many choices so some mistakes are ignored. Something makes us style rage. Here I would like to highlight 10 style mistakes.

Ignore Stains
How do you feel when you see others wearing stained clothes? Check your wear everyday, including tie. Most food stains are easy to be sponged off. But the importance is, wash your clothes on a regular basis. Airing them in your spare time helps keep them smell good while a steamer will make creases go away.

Always Floral Shirts
They had their moment in the sun or along the beach. You need to let them go for your usual life. Find your own style and move on.

Overuse sunglasses
They look really cool when you use them to keep your eyes from shining sun. But sometimes, it just makes you look foolish if you wear them on inappropriate occasions. You are not super star, you don’t need to blindly follow them and keep your beautiful face under dark glasses.

Like wear UGG boots
UGG boots are hot in women’s fashion. But they should be in the top list of men’s choices. They are undoubted comfortable, but most of them are neither stylish nor practical, particularly in winter. Avoid at all costs.

Too Much Denim
Everything has a limit. Jeans are fine, just don’t use them abusively. Too short couldn't recover your fashion cred while too long make you look like you are made of rubber. The back of them shouldn't touch the ground at the heel whilst the front should appropriately cover the socks.

Wear Tracksuit Bottoms
They are so often seen with various stains, from paint to food. Tracksuit bottoms are not the type of style aficionado. They are comfortable, admittedly. But fall into the trap of putting comfort above style.

Spray Too Much Cologne
Scent on a man need to be subtle. Too overwhelming makes others uncomfortable. Many men have the issue of fragrance. Please don’t let terrible fragrance disharmony occur. How do you feel when you stand beside a young man with scented hair products, niff of cheap deodorant, smell of aftershave balm and cologne? Try and lighten up on the fragrances and buy unscented products if you are wearing a good aftershave.

Pair with Novelty Items
By now you really should be over this. As a man with a certain sense of style the novelty clothing item should never feature in your wardrobe. Included in this is Exhibit A: baseball cap, worn sideways or any way Exhibit B: the novelty tee-shirt, with ‘witty gag’ on it Exhibit C: silly tie. Just put it away now. Everyone likes a bit of fun sometimes, but if you’re serious about looking good, don’t blow it by going for the cheap laugh. Style is a serious business.

Show off with Too Many Labels
Too many labels do not make you a fashion geek, sometimes a turn down. It is not necessary to shout it from the rooftops. Embodying it is a wise choice. Tone it down. Too many labels make people disgusting.

Dress with Clothes that Don’t Fit
Dress for your age and body changes. Most of our wardrobe will need replacing as time goes by. That does not mean we are getting fat, as the undeniable fact is we become older and older. Update your wardrobe as your body changes. If you want to look terrific, get optimal fitting clothes.

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