How to spend your Fool's Day

By laura2012

We all know that the April Fool's Day is around the corner. At this happy time, people all try their best to make a fun of their family members, friends or workmates. But in this day, we all know that there is a rule. That is nobody can be angry with the ragger. You just need to say "Happy April Fool's Day" and then everything you do on them on this day will be forgive.. April Fool's Day is quite an appropriate way to begin National Humor Month.

On this day it will be full of the practical jokes, hoaxes and pranks. This day is the one holiday of the year we should be expecting shenanigans. On this day, You can be very smart, but you can be caught off-guard on this special festival. The best way to celebrate the April 1st is to send in fool fool jokes, which could be a lot fun should you be a little creative witty. Enjoy these practical jokes ideas I recommend to you.

Prank 1: Make a strange taste of Cola

Prepare a bottle of Coca Cola, and drink half. Then add some vinegar, soybean sauce, salt, mustard and so on. Then it will be a strange taste of Coca Cola. When you meet acquaintances, give the coke to him or her generously. Then perhaps he or she will say many thanks to you. And then when he or she drinks the beverage, his or her will wear a frown and then spit it. Then your April Fool's joke is successful. You can also try other drink such as pour the Erguotou wine into the mineral water or pour the soapy water into the beer.

Prank 2: Super Downpour in Kitchen

If your kitchen sink has a spray nozzle, use a rubber band to secure it in the "on" position and then ask someone to get you a drink of water (to be safe, you want to make sure they aren't going for the hot water). When the water is turned on, they'll likely get soaked!

Prank 3:Leave a Message

Take your friends cell phone and tape it under a chair, under a desk, or hide it somewhere safe and then start calling. Watch them try to find the phone. So funny this idea is!

Prank 4: A sandwich cookie with toothpaste

Wrap the sandwich cookie and divide two pieces of biscuits carefully. Remove the original sandwich and take out the toothpaste. Squeeze some toothpaste to the cookie. At last bond them. Remember to make it like real so that your trick won't be exposed. I think you don't even ask for someone to taste it. You just put it in the obvious place and have better prepare some other original cookies in the same plate. Watch TV while eating and then other persons will follow you to try the cookies. I guess in five minutes, your joke will success.

Prank 4: Dream Journey

This idea is one for parents to play on kids who are in the land of dreams: In the middle of the night, pick them up and move them to another room. When they wake up, they'll be pretty confused.

Prank 6: Compress a file

Send an E-mail to your friends and the title is "Do you know my heart?" Compress the letter into a RAR file and compress it for about 40 times. Then when your friends receive the email, they will try to uncompress it in order to read it. At last, when they uncompress it until the 40th time, they will see the letter, they is nothing but a word: Happy April's Day!

as a chafferer, I think you have to be fast, steady, intelligent and accurate. Fast means that you have to with a fast speed. You had better prepare all the preliminary work, and also be ready to run away swiftly once you are found. Steady means that you had better not making any mistake in order to achieve the best results. Intelligent means that if you know much knowledge about tricks and hear of many stories about how to play a joke on somebody, if will be better because you are able to make jokes in many ways. Accurate means that you have to make fun of them correctly, figure out the right persons and judge the goal
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