How to Select Watches

By david

For the individual who enjoys standing out in a crowd, watches are best toys of ultimate distinction. Selecting a watch can be fun, easy process, if you have a little bit of knowledge. If you’re not sure which and what kind of watches are suitable, follow these easy steps from BuyChina and get a watch which could reflect you and your lifestyle.

The watch you choose should be appropriate for the activities, occasion and events that you intent to join in. For example, if you want to use the watch during sports activities, you should choose shockproof watch while you need a water resistant watch if you like to wear it during swimming or diving. The first and the most important is to ask yourself the key functions or attributes you need to consider for the way you will wear the watch. The following are some aspects for your reference.

I. Water Resistance

A water resistant watch is usually with a depth indication. The listed are usage recommendations by the Seiko Corporation of America.

* The water-resistant to 30 meters (100 feet) could withstand splashes of water or rain. Not recommended for swimming or diving use.

* 50 meters could stand usage of showering or swimming in shallow water.

* 100 meters (330 feet) could be used for swimming and snorkeling.

* 150 meters (500 feet) is suitable for snorkeling.

* 200 meters (660 feet) could be worn during skin diving.

* 150 meters (500 feet) or 200 meters (660 feet) is suitable for scuba diving.

If a watch has no such mark, it is designed to withstand accidental splashes of water only. There are a lot of ways to make a water stand against water like use rubber gaskets or "O" rings to seal the case back. A higher degree of water resistance is usually found the watch with a back that screws onto the case.

II, Scratch Proofing.

Crystal material determines a watch’s scratch resistance. The listed are usual types of watch used crystals.

* The sapphire crystal is the number one in durability and scratch-resistance. It is about 3 times harder than a mineral crystal and 20 times harder than acrylic plastic crystals.

* Mineral crystal is the second.

* Acrylic plastic crystal is the least scratch-resistant.

III, Shock Resistance.

Most watches are usually sturdy to protect against daily wear and tear, including light bumps. But for intensive athletic activity, you need a shockproof watch like Casio.

IV, Automatic or Quartz.

Most watches have either a quartz movement or an automatic movement. You could choose according to your preference. There is almost nothing special here.

V, Strap Materials.

Like the fourth, it is a matter of personal taste. Strap materials usually refer to leathers, rubber, exotic skins and synthetics.

VI, Case Materials

Watchcase material determines durability and the price. The most popular in good watches is stainless steel because of its admitted durability, rusting resistance and discoloration proofing. Precious material in high end includes 10k gold, 14k gold, 18k gold, sterling silver or platinum. Titanium, which is lighter but stronger than stainless steel, become popular alternative in sports watches.
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