How to quickly learn swimming in swimwear?

By david

Swimming is a very fashionable sport, long-term swimming is benefit for body, swimming exercise can be very flexible, easy to control, and there are a lot of fun in the water, swimming is also a sports which injury body minimize; Now share tips on how to quickly learn swimming as follow:


1. Know water, learn to float: The first point is not to fear water. In order to quickly learn swimming, we should playing in the shallow water, through jump in the water to feel the buoyancy of water, Through thrash the water by hand to experience how body move in the water.

2. Control breathing in the water: Beginners always are very worried about water enter in the nose while swimming, At first we can learn nostrils blowing in the shallow water area to feel breathing out of the water. In fact, when we hold our breath into the water, the water is not easily access nostrils, and only in a panic condition when the water will enter into nose and mouth to cause danger, so try more holding breathing under the water so that will control breathing easily.

3. Learn to thrash and thread in the water: Under the help of the buoyancy of spare tire, beginner body can float in the water, and can feel thrashing water by hand, moving body toward a specified direction, and gradually realize the hand function in swimming; move foot to thread water, the action can not be too fast, be in rhythmicly, and feel more about how to control foot.

4. Find guidance from sparring : It is effctive way to learn swimming under the help of sparring, For one reason, who can give beginners demonstration, next reason, can teach you swimming experience and increase the confidence and security. learners in swimwear must keep observing and learn how to swim as quick as possible.

5. More practice: Above shared swimming skills depend on different personal experience, so that in order to learn to swim, we should practice to learn more details and love it.


1.Beginner must be not panic in the water;
2.Courageous and practice more in shallow water.

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