How to maintain basketball shoes

By david

1.How to place basketball shoes in a right environment? 
Firstly, the shoes should be placed in a dry and ventilated place, avoid direct sunlight or humid environment, which will make part of the shoe material deterioration discoloration or may cause corruption of shoes. 
Secondly, shoes should be stuffed soft ball of paper, which can absorb residual moisture inside the shoe and keep the inside dry, and also help keep the shoe-shaped fixed. 
Thirdly, it is best to buy some shrink film, which can enclosed a pair of shoes in order to prevent air oxidize the shoes continuously inside in long time. For example, the outsole of basketball shoes will gradually turn yellow in a few years time, especilly for some types with visible air cushion, such as max air, Jordan 11 generation, Jordan 16 generations. So shrink film is a better choice to keep the original color. 

 2. How to clean it? 
There are different ways for different materials.
Firstly, the outsole and side of shoes which is not nylon material, can be spraied a little cleaner, and scrubbed gently by a soft-bristled toothbrush ten seconds later, not too long, and after brushing should be washed away the foam timely with water that to minimize the erosion of chemicals on the shoes time. Immediately clean with a dry cloth to wipe residual water. 
Secondly, if the cleaning basketball shoes is made of visible air cushion, should dry and clean the water around it so as to prevent the chemical decomposition changes of the glue after meet water for a long time and result in plastic open . If possible, use a toothpick pick the jammed pebbles out which bringed in the thread groove while walking, which will cause the deformation of the tread groove, and affect the shoes movement. 
Thirdly, Basically cleaning way is to use a cloth lightly dampened with water and gently wipe uppers, we should pay attention on some special "flawed", if find, skip it, because clean and wipe "flawed" will cause it dirtier, and crack larger. We just take a damp cloth and wipe on the uppers if it is similar to nike foamposite, PU material used in the kobe series, or patent leather, which is a material relatively easy to clean up.
Fourthly, if it is made from an artificial leather material, similar to the fake-fur, such as the inside dark part of and1 taichi mid, the black uppers of Air Jordan 7, we must pay attention to the degree of moist rag, more moist, more dirty. However, for the cloth shoes, such as nike air Garnett III, can be said that this shoe is basically can not cleaned.
Fifthly, if possible, should removed the laces from the shoes after a time and clean both of outsole and laces. 

3.How to use the basketball shoes? 
When using shoes we should avoid in a non-normal environment, such as in the day of rain, snow, or on the high temperatural asphalt road under the hot sun. we should increase the frequency of changing shoes, for the shoes need to have a rest time after use. Before the next use, we should return it into a "healthy" state. Once the shoes are dirty should be cleaned ASAP to avoid shoes uppers deterioration occurs for stains stayed for a long time, and increase the difficulty to clean up.
In a word, the maintenance of basketball shoes is hard and careful work.

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