How to identify the quality of the toys?

By david

There are a lot of fakes’ toys in Today's market, even a small toy. This is a headache for many parents,

who are not experts, how do they know this toy is good or bad ?don’t worry , I will share my experiences that I know for everyone:

I. Look
1 Look at the labels of the products
2.Make sure that The surface of the toy is clean
3. Certification mark

II. Touch
1.Touch the surface of the toys, and you will be able to feel the quality Especially for hard toys, you have to be careful stab or the sharp tip on the edge. Do not be hurt.
2. Touch plush toys to check whether it’s uniform inside.

III. Try
1.Try touch toys, look whether the gap among the various components of the toy bonding
2.Toys with sound, try to listen carefully to check whether sound is moderate, and no noise.
3.Plush toys, you can gently pat to see whether there is dancing dust.

IV. Smell
There is no odor or pungent odor.

V. Compare
We should shop around for the best deal.

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