How to Grab Best Watch Deals

By david

Watches are priced from $100 to well over $100,000 by different companies and manufacturers. The watch magazines (like WatchTime or InSync) defines watches between $1,000 -$2000 a "mid to low range". If you like watches, you might want more and more of them as each embodies its own style and purpose, similar to Apple Fans who are always seeking for the latest version.

Where do you get watches if you want to save more on your interested edition (as it usually is)? eBay might be your first consideration. However, eBay does not offer the best price and many of the more exclusive or less mainstream watches are not going to be on eBay with any regularity. You have eBay alternatives spread on the internet. BuyChina is a famous China eBay and Amazon. You could find a lot of great watches there, brand or no brand, men or women, and adults or kids. After you decide which one you will buy, here are few more things I would like to suggest for people who want to get the best watch deals.

1. Negotiate with the supplier. Be sure that they are talking to you, so you could ask questions if you have.

2. Ask for more details about the watch. If there is something wrong with the item, they can not claim you did not ask. If there are not enough pictures, ask them for more. Is there anything else for a potential buyer would like to know? Any buyer would want a brand new, functional watch without any damage.

3. Ask if the brand watch is authentic. This isn't about the watch being fake, but rather part of making sure the watch has been cared for and is real. Fake item is so normal on internet but honest suppliers always remind you of the fakeness before they send the item to you.

4. If the supplier claims he or she does not know whether the watch is a fake, consider it as a fake. Do not fool by the words "I don't know about these things, the watch looks great to me, you will love it."

5. PayPal payment is not a must. Many websites in China don't support PayPal payment, as most sellers prefer Alipay in China and don't want to go with it as PayPal demands high commission. If everything else seems kosher, it is still a good deal.

6. If you plan to buy from foreign countries, be careful and polite. Reliable suppliers from foreign countries always offer great deals or prices on some great watches.

7. Be careful with all positive feedbacks. Communication is most important. Do not pay too much attention with positive feedbacks. I have dealt with people with little to no feedback who have been great, and people got fake with plenty of positive feedbacks.

8. Compare among different websites. Know your stuff! Before making any bids on any site, Google the watch. See how rare it is, what it goes for, and where else you can get it.

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