How to do car maintenance in hot summer?

By david

Summer is coming, people for their car is particularly cherish. More rain and strong sun will speed up the car paint and parts of aging, therefore, in addition to routine maintenance on a regular basis, you should also attach some special maintenance.

The carriage is prevented bask in Every summer, if the car parked outside a long time, often because the doors closed and cause hot air unable to flow. Excessive sun exposure can also accelerate the car interior, especially some plastic ageing, the following are some tips: sunscreen stick explosion-proof membrane. The explosion proof membrane brand is more, with the price and quality are also different, whole vehicle price about 2000 yuan or so commonly, it can effectively reduce heat from the sun radiation into the interior. Visor. If the bus is parked in the sun for a long time, can put in the front windshield a glance with foldable visor made of soft material. There are tricks to use air conditioning. Start the vehicles on the road, don't hurry to open air conditioning, open the fan first, later start air conditioning refrigeration. Refrigeration effect is good, not only is the key to the car decoration volatile out at high temperatures the smell out of the window.

Rainy climate
1, Athough now car technology on rust prevention processing is already very mature, but the rainy summer, will give some test on the car body, it is waterproof to note;
2, Regularly check the drainage system. Should be timely check the automobile front windshield clear place to launder and drain, prevent due to poor drainage water into the car;
3, Air intake system to waterproof. As car air filter are mostly paper material synthesis, and if the air filter be affected with damp be affected with damp, intake resistance will increase, will aggravate engine internal moving parts rust. Rainy day traffic especially when passing through water, therefore, to reduce the speed, and avoid the air intake system into the water;
4, Protect the paint. Had better go to a professional salon for a paint gloss, completely isolate uv, acid rain and wind erosion. In addition, it is best not to wash the car under the scorching sun exposure.

Matters needing attention
Check air conditioning car air conditioning is the most frequent summer parts, first of all should be regularly check whether air conditioning lack of fluorine. Secondly, to check whether there is leakage, generally, observation holes are on the drying chamber, from bubble flow condition can be judged; Choose appropriate lubricating oil check the lubricating oil in the engine and chassis assembly, high viscosity lubricating oil and high boiling point grease will be listed. In addition, high boiling point of the brake fluid should be used (not less than 115 ~ 115 ℃); Speed should not be too fast to prevent tire burst, midday heat when appropriate to reduce the speed; The vehicle load power supply appropriate reduce battery electrolyte density; Check cooling facilities to remove the scale inside the radiator and engine water jacket, thermostat performance test.

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