Green Tea Storage Ways from China

By david

Follow the main factors leading to the quality deterioration of tea, we can take measures as long as possible to extend the shelf life of tea quality according to local conditions. The key points of tea storage conditions are cool, dry, phenylephrine, dark. Storage of large quantities of tea should be in the construction of a dedicated warehouse or cold storage. However, Tea Storage for family can be used in next ways.


1. Store Tea on the Quicklime
Select a ceramic altar, covered with a layer of quicklime (the ratio of tea to lime is 5:1). pack tea with paper, then put tea on the lime layer and seal the ceramic altar tightly. After six months or a year, as water absorption, the lime will be changed new one.

2. Store Tea in Plastic Bags
Store tea in plastic bags, squeeze the air in it and sealing, and then wear another plastic bag and sealed, last put it into a dry, tasteless, sealed container for preservation. The selection of plastic bags should be as thick as possible, preferably is aluminum composite film bag.

3. Store Tea in thermos
We can use new thermos to save the high-quality green tea. after filled the thermos with tea, we should stopper it tightly. For some storage tea, we can use paraffin or self-adhesive to seal at the plug. The tea preserved in this way will be still as good as new tea in several months to one year. This method is economical, practical, simple and easy.

4. Store Tea with charcoal
Select 1 kg charcoal and put it in a bag, and then put the bag into a tile altar or a metal box, tightly seal the altar or metal box after add the tea. Black tea and oolong tea are suitable in the preservation method.

5. Store Tea in refrigerator
First put dry tea into the tea canister and seal cover mouth with adhesive tape. or use aluminum composite films bag to distribute tea into 100 grams sachet and seal them with sealing machine. then placed the tea boxes or bags in a refrigerator under 5 ° C. After a year the stored tea still maintain its green color and new tea taste in this method.

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