Four Mistakes about parents on how to choose toys for child

By david

1, don't pay attention to the child's age.
Do not consider the toys for their children, parents often think that if the toys is good ,they will buy toys for their child. For example, a lot of parents buy tricycle for their child when the child does not grow up to three years old , when children grow up, they will simply buy a bigger car.many parents ignore to buy toy that a 3-year-old baby really needs.

2, do not know use toys training the child's abilities.
The toys let children to stop , think and operate. If the parents do not give him encouragement, children will lack patience. if you want to train hand muscles , you must buy training- grip-toys, like soft ball, inflatable toys. when the leg muscles are not very strong, the child should not buy a small tricycle, small bike. If the parents do not know make use of toys, the problems may occur in a period, may have to take a long time on training agian.

3.Parents emphasize on select educational connotation toys, but often ignore the science and rigor of the operation.

4, regardless of cheap or expensive, but must be the most appropriate.
Most parents only know that they should buy educational toys for their children to the intellectual development of children, there is no doubt that's good for their children.but for a little baby , the training of its' visual variety, two balloons can help to train .just a little money can do big things.

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