Flat shoes are not the most appropriate shoes in pregnant women

By HappyNone

The general expectant mother after pregnancy is unavoidable to travel, as the support of the whole body of foot, tie-in appropriate shoes is particularly important. So what is the most appopriate shoes during pregnancy?

The points for attention when the pregnant women choose shoes

1, the shoes size depend on the length of foot, attention must be paid to sitting, standing and walking posture of elongation, 10mm more than foot length.

2. choose a round head and fertility is wide shoes and the vamp material are soft

3,The Shoe type should choice open, namely shoelaces or magic adhesive belt is better, Second , you can choose a band or you can adjust the width footwear styles.

4. Among ten months pregnant, It can be divided into early (0 to 6 months) and late (6-10 months) in wear different shoes, the shoes with pregnant women after a period of pregnant women delivering, and after the pregnant women shoes should choose to have heel cup mat (heel cup) and the assurance of device.

5, Pregnant women should pay more attention to the shoes' heel hight, the ideal heel height: 15 to 30 mm, flat shoes can accept, but with the increase of weight and the influence of step could back ward, in postpartum often leads to the discomfort of plantar fasciitis and heel part.

6,The sole to choose good durability and skid resistance is better, sole and slide better bottoms (such as double density PU material).

7, Different season choose different shoes. Summer, pregnant women should choosing shoes with non-slip bottom , to avoid rain or meet water damage was slipping, Slope type foam sandals are not suitable for pregnant women , although it has good elasticity, also suit to the shape of the foot, but it also clearly, defects of the sole is slippery, easy to wrestling. In winter, it's best to wear warm and comfortable cotton shoes, cotton shoes has good elasticity, can also be suitable for a variety of foot type, because in the middle and later pregnancy feet are prone to swelling, foot type change, pregnant women to wear cotton shoes loose some of the best, and pregnant before shoes will look very small, should not be worn.

8., the lower the shoes’ heel. After 3 months pregnant, women should go through more convenient shoes, it's best to wear shoes heel height under 2 cm. Because of the high heel will increase the burden of the waist and feet, a pregnant woman pregnant women's waist pain.

9, materials should to light. Pregnant women should wearing loose, lightweight, breathable shoes, don't wear shoes with synthetic leather and nylon, In case of wearing airtight heavy shoes on feet swollen.

10, The larger size point feet with edema is more serious and pregnant for more than 6 months pregnant, to choose shoes a slightly larger than your feet, but also not too loose, in case of no response when walking.

11, to prevent slippery. Pregnant women shoes due and skid resistance, appropriate chooses elastic, shoes made of soft material, in case the walk when falling down.

Second, two erroneous zone while pregnant women choose shoes

1, Not wearing platform shoes to wear flat shoes, By comparison, it should be pay more manual when wearing high-heeled shoes to walk t, easy to fatigue, this will affect the growth of fetus, even in early pregnancy, you'd better give up, but pregnant women shouldn’t wear flat shoes too . Wear flat shoes to walk, is usually heel on earth first and after the foot touchdown, easy to cause fatigue and muscle and ligament damage. Had better choose to have a little bit high wedges, wearing also comfortable.

2, -flip-flops are portable to wear. Pregnant women, who are overweight, need more support from shoes, they will usually caused by obesity more pressure on the foot, ankle and back. And flip-flops can aggravate the location of the loss, bring more damage to these areas. So the pregnant woman is best not to wear flip-flops.

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