Fashionable Women Wear in Spring

By laura2012

With the impending spring season, it's time to set new trends in fashion. Spring collection is generally bright and full of colors. As spring arrives between winters and summers it is recognized as the "King of all Seasons". It is month of blooming and colors, a month of flowers. Fashion being an over rated in every household everyone wants to be updated with the latest trends and fashion during spring. Now, A summary of some of the epidemic factors of the spring fashion wear as follows.


Stripes are the most unflattering pattern a woman can put on her body but you couldn't deny it is a classic pop elements. The nautical look and stripes have been around for a few years now and seem to make an appearance every year for spring and summer so feel free to add plenty of these pieces to your wardrobe.


Fuller figure women will be pleased to hear that prints are back in for spring 2014; they're great for larger woman because they hide those womanly lumps and bumps and when used cleverly they can make you appear slimmer. Butterfly, animal, kitsch, tropical prints are just a few that you'll see on the high street this year, but as with angles stripes always wear prints with something plain and highlight a colour, otherwise you'll take away from the pretty print. Don't add too many prints to your wardrobe though, they'll go out of fashion quite quickly, although animal prints always seem to be in so you're safe to splurge a little there.


We might not be there yet but glimpses of summer trends are making their way into the spring fashions with vibrant shades like acid yellow and tangerine being must haves this season, which ties in great with tropical prints trend as seen above. And what's more is that colour blocking is big too; so don't be afraid to experiment with colour this spring. Bold colours are always great to have in your wardrobe, you can wear them in the summer and holiday so easily, but one piece can also brighten up an outfit instantly.


Another trend that's not worth investing in too much; pleats seem to be everywhere this season but as they're a trend they might not be around for long. Pleats can also be difficult to wear as they emphasise particular body areas and if worn wrong they can make you look larger than you actually are. But pleats are also a really nice feminine look, especially a pleated skirt, but if you prefer understated why not go for something with low-key pleats instead?


You probably saw lots of lace on the high street and it looks set to continue right through 2014 as well. The beauty about lace is that it's so easy to wear, a lace dress or top will really add a feminine and fashionable touch to your look instantly. But remember to wear something underneath if it isn't lined!


Another feminine trend that looks set to be big, ruffles first hit the catwalks for the party season in winter 2013 When wearing ruffles think about you'll wear them, they instantly add volume to an area, so if you have a full bust avoid an overly ruffled neckline and if you carry your weight on your waist avoid ruffles there. But you can also work that to your advantage by using ruffles to draw the eye away from those areas you'd rather keep covered up.


So it might not be a new thing but chiffon has certainly hit the catwalks this spring and as it's such a beautiful and timeless fabric it'll make a great addition to your wardrobe. Go for chiffon blouses or chiffon day dresses ; they're so easy to wear and you'll find them ideal for lots of different occasions too. Chiffon works well with the lace and ruffles trends above too!

Blouses and shirts

The tailored style will make another appearance this year and it's a really versatile one so will make a great addition to your wardrobe, so don't worry about splurging a little in this area. Simple crisp shirts are ideal for an understated look, while a blouse teamed with the ruffles, lace or chiffon trends above will be easy to take from day to night with a feminine touch.

When spring arrives after a long months of cold weather, you feel lighter and more energized. So pack your bags with the latest above trends and go on a spring holiday. No matter what body size or shape you have, yo have all the reasons to celebrate each curve, contour, and crevice of your body. Inner beauty is just perfect, but combining it with outer beauty is simply sublime. Whether it is a formal occasion, a romantic date, or a casual dinner with friends, relish the evening with a positive aura springing from within.
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