Fashion Harajuku Style for Teenagers

By laura2012

The name "Harajuku style" has been used by magazines and also digital publications or internet and now, English-language media is also use Harajuku as one of topic to identify teens girls and boys that dressed in a fashion trend in the centre of Harajuku, Japan.

Japan's youngsters really love have fun with with street fashion, creativeness plus their imagination shown via the street style or Harajuku style in Harajuku area. Area of Harajuku has become shown as an influence throughout collections at the main street style in Japan.

Street style in Japan like Harajuku has appear to fashion lovers like Me and You. Youngsters has welcomed it because Street style in Japan is a mix of modern and also classic styles. That's right, street style in Japan are not losing their traditional trend, for example you can also find youngsters wear Kimono and you can also find teens with their wild style in Japan, including Harajuku. That is seriously combination of fashionable and classic trends.

Harajuku fashion pertains to the method of dress. It's unique, highly versatile, creative, really colorful and also original. Teenagers in Asia use the Harajuku style to express themselves, usually have a few sub-groups and it's up to the individual to select it.Teenagers boys and girls was made world-known because of Gwen Stefani. This fashion infuses freedom of expression and variations to create a different form of hairstyle and also clothes.

Kawaii for Girls

Do you love the look of cute girls in Anime? Have you have ever wished to be cute or unique? If so Kawaii culture may be the excellent style for you."Kawaii" is a Japanese phrase that indicates "cute or lovely", and Kawaii has its own associated style in Harajuku fashion. Kawaii meaning in Harajuku fashion is a style that uses bright fancy dress, use layering and put a lot of sweet accessories like Anime persona or other plastic toys.

It's favored among Japanese teen girls from the age of 16 to 17 and of course, the best style for you who like to stand out among your friends.

Gothic for Boys and Girls

Do you love black and elegant? If so Gothic lifestyle in Harajuku Japanese fashion may be the greatest style for you.The Gothic song scene started in the early 1980s and became into a life style in arround the world. This style inspired by dark, architecture and art. For reason that, Gothic is not just a look, it is a life style in Harajuku trend.Goth in Harajuku trends seem to dress in dramatic clothing styles and use different hair styles meant to shock their friends, but mostly intended to show their perception of nonconformity and freedom of expression in fashion.

Lolita for Girls

Lolita is the name of a unique style of Harajuku style, where younger girls dress in modern takes on Victorian model that is known with skirts/dresses and patterns are usually crowns, cupcakes, butterflies, flowers and embellished with lace or ribbons.

Cosplay For Girls and Boys

Cosplay" or "costume play" is next Harajuku trend for teens like you. Cosplay dress up as a character, whatever Animation or Anime, Manga, Comic, Western films and also video games. Costume Play or Cosplay from manga or anime, and games. Lolita with lace, beads, jewelry, chains and wristbands.

The fashion style then becomes more famous in many countries. In America, the Harajuku fashion style is getting more famous after a singer from America, Gwen Stefani, created a song that carried the theme of Harajuku fashion entitled 'Harajuku Girls'. In promoting his song, Gwen seemed employing some dancers wearing Harajuku fashion in some of her concert all over the world.
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