10 Tips on How to Install the Rovio Headlights

By david

About the headlights: The idea with this headlights is quite smart (I just didn't understand this at first). The headlights contain a LDR light sensitive sensor which dims the headlights down completely when they are left in the dark. Sounds confusing? the light sensor (LDR) If the LDR sensor is light flooded they will light up to max power. What I didn't understand first was this function.
I thought they were assembled or soldered incorrectly until I suddenly understood the key thing. You use the stock light to light up the sensor which then lights up the leds to maximum power. If the stock light is turned off, the sensor will not recieve light and therefore the new headlights will not be lit. This means that these headlights will work perfectly with the light switch in Rovios controlpanel. Just place the sensor in front of the headlights, use some black tape around to make it dark - and it will work perfectly. Let me explain in detail.... The headlight assembly looks like this: Procedure

1. Remove the 6 screws underneath Rovio which holds the top housing with the blue leds.
2. Remove the 2 screws from the plastic clip holding the big brown circuit board with lots of wires.
3. Pull the stock battery connector out of the small hole going to the battery compartment.
4. Connect the battery plug to the corresponding female plug from the new headlights. And push the male battery plug from the new headlights through the small hole to the battery compartment (This is the new plug you will connect to the battery).
5. Use the adhesive tape on the circuit board and stick it to the front side of the battery compartment. Now prepare to place the ldr light switch Money mouth
6. Bend the outmost part of the light switch cable so you manage to cover the round sensor straight over the small stock headlight (see picture under step 7 which shows how it will look with the sensor placed on top of the stock light). Make sure that the actual sensor (the side with the symbol on) is pointing directly in to the stock headlight.
7. Drill two holes on each sides to pass the two cables from the new headlights through the body of Rovio.
8. Connect the wires from the headlights to circuit board with the provided connectors.
9. Use black electrical tape to cover completely over the light sensor. This is very important. You have to make sure that no light can reach the sensor. The stock light makes sure that the new lights will turn on when you press the light button in the control panel for Rovio. Use the provided screws or some slightly longer ones and fasten the headlight to rovios body. Place them exactly between The sensors and Rovios speaker. It should look like this:
10. Assemble the rest, and you have a Rovio with outstanding lights.

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