Android Smart Phone Common Problems and Solutions

By david

Android cell phone system is a new generation of smart phone system in the new era and very popular in global consumers. However, android cell phone system will inevitably meet some problems, such as can not turn on, crash, touch screen failure, vey hot and other problems. Now let us work together to solve the following common problems.

1. Touch Screen Failure.
When charging, on a table or bring out from pocket, the touch screen of android phone is failed to operate. Because most of the android phones are capacitive screen, the screen surface may exist static, just turn off the power, and then turn on it, the screen will be normal.

2. Can Not Turn On.
Sometimes the phone place for some days and then suddenly can not turn on the power, that is because the power is nearly exhausted. You only need to charge 10 minutes, and then confirm whether can turn on. Some phones need to charge enough power to turn on.

3. Suddenly Restart.
Android phones suddenly restart its system. Like a personal computer, android phone have a complex operating systems and various software applications, which may be abnormal and lead to the phone restart. If not restart frequently will a normal phenomenon.

4. Black Screen.
During a call, the screen is black and can not turn back. Some phones are closed when near to the light, the phone will turned off when the phone is close to the face (to save power and reduce radiation). But sometimes black screen can no longer turn on the screen again, now you need to check whether the surface of the light sensor is clean. In addition to, poor protective film will also cause this problem.

5. Standby Time is Short.
A. Do not need to use Bluetooth, WLAN, GPS, auto-rotate, data services, it is recommended to turn off all of the functions.
B. Adjust the touch screen to a suitable Brightness Degree, it is recommended to use auto-adjusted function.
C. Turn off unused background programs that can greatly save power, you can turn off them as follow:Setting -> Applications -> Running', Or use "clean-up key" to turn off them.

6. Can not install the installation package.
In this case most of the installation package is not finished downloading or installation package damage, it could be the installation package is not suitable for the phone system version. You only need to download the full installation package or update your phone to the newest version of the operating system.

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