A Taobao Hero Will Successed Ali CEO in May

By david

Lu Zhaoxi appointed as the next CEO of Alibaba Group.

Alibaba Group announced yesterday, the Group Chief Data Officer and Executive Vice President Lu Zhaoxi will succeed Ma on May 10 as Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Ma will continue to remain in the group Executive Chairman, continue to participate in the Group's business strategy development and management.

Work for ali 13 years, Ma Yun highly praised successor

According to a press release issued yesterday by the Alibaba Group, Lu Zhaoxi joined the group in 2000, has worked in Group for more than 10 years, during his tenure he has led the Group's Alipay, Taobao and Alibaba B2B, its achievements contain leading Taobao network to promote e-commerce into hundreds of millions of Chinese consumers.

"It is impressed that Lu Zhaoxi's appreciation and leaning ability on new transaction, judgment and decisiveness on the key issues, as well as a strong executive force." In the letter to ali members, Jack Ma wrote:"More important, 13 years experience in Alibaba Group, made him be optimistic and indomitable willpower, loyal and grateful to small enterprises and consumers.

Ma said: "The work served as the CEO of Alibaba Group is a challenging and difficult work, in particular, successed work of me, a founder CEO, Lu Zhaoxi whose shoulder's responsibility and pressure from all sides is very challenged. For this, I specially thanks to Mr Lu who made a huge sacrifice and commitment on Ali. "

Except the Micro Finance Service Group Lu will manage all of Ali Group

From May, Lu Zhaoxi will be fully responsible for all business except Ali Micro Financial Services Group (Preparing), which will be managed by Peng Lei, CEO of Alibaba micro Financial Services Group (Preparing).

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