2013 Plus Size Fashion Trends

By david

Well, it looks like the fashion industry is finally get hip to the times. Retailers, designers, manufacturers, and the whole fashion gang have been resisting including larger sizes for years, clamoring that plus sizes don’t sell, larger women don’t buy as much clothing, they don’t want unpopular kids buying their clothes, and upholding a bunch of other exclusionary nonsense. They were wrong and the industry is slowly changing its ways.

Here are some of the principles behind the summer 2013 plus size women's clothing fashion trend:

• Power of prints
During the summer season, bold prints are in the zone. Prints can add life and illusion to a body that can make it slimmer. Floral prints work on any type of design and season. Animal prints can add exotic and daring attitude to a design. These prints can make a plus sized woman looks slim, creating an illusion of uniformity. Horizontal stripes and small prints may not be suitable for large bodies since it can create an illusion of expanding prints.

• Color
This is the most important category in choosing the best plus sized clothes. Bright and dark colors are still in the trend as these can create an illusion of trimming a plus sized body. Colors like blue, black , and green can make the body look slimmer and smaller since dark colors create limit and does not expand in a person`s view. Bright colors like orange, pink, and white can create an illusion of vibrancy and light. Choosing the right color would also depend on the skin color of the user.

• Shape
Emphasizing the smallest part of the body is one principle of creating an illusion in 2013 plus size trend designs. The aim of this emphasis is to create a disguise to the imperfection of the body. Pencil skirts, cropped pants, leganlook dresses and long dresses with wide hems can make the body look firmer, longer, and slimmer.

• Fabric
Choosing the right fabric can make a design reach it level of perfection. The fabric contains every detail and every scheme of the design. Laces, denim, light weight cotton fabrics, crochet and knits, and chiffon type of fabrics are suitable and recommended for plus sized bodies. These clothes are easy to wear and comfortable. Silk and heavy cottons are not recommended since the aim is to create an illusion of vibrancy and light weight.

It is important to bear in mind that it is not necessary to buy new, expensive clothes just to achieve a trendy style. With the use of imagination and with the touch of passion in beauty, old clothes in the wardrobe can be turned into summer trend clothing. Regardless of the shape of the body, it is always important to give emphasis to its best assets. Plus sized bodies can now be daring, sexy, and trendy.

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